Friday, 12 October 2007


im so bored.
what the hell am i doing here.
first, i come to college damn early.
and reach like half an hour before class.
kill my precious time in the cafeteria.
playing tennis on the phone.
eating roti bakar.
drinking milo ais.

then, tiff came.
and we went to class.
after the break,
we played something like tic tac toe.
wu liao right?
yea thats what happened.
we were bored and unable to concentrate.

then IT class.
here i am.
doing nothing but blogging.
got my IT marks today.
nothing special.
passed but still very bad.
now deciding whether i want to have my forecast result.
whats the use.
my trials are so bad already.

finished my English presentation ystd.
cant say i did good.
maybe its bad.
no idea how was it.
but jenny said everyone did above average.
gonna present another time next week.
have to record it.
hope i do better that time.

the other day, i was in the acc class.
i have no idea what are they talking about.
for two hours i sat there.
i wondered.
what the hell am i doing here.
wasting my time.
i feel so lost.
dunno why i take up accounting at the first place.
finals is in 3 weeks.
and guess what?
we still have tons of assignemtns to do and pass up.
how great!
haven even touvhed my books yet.
im so DOOMED.
i just know it.

supposed to be doing my programming today.
but we forgot and then...
one is writing this blog.
and another is looking at friendster.



gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

bout the image..nvm la...
gud luck for ur next presentation..hope it will be better than the 1st one...assignment make sure u finish everything lo...dun watch so much tv n online so much la...spent more time on studies...
u need discipline i also need le..kita sama-sama berusaha la...jia you!!!

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahaha..hope can lar.. i think next presentation i just read from paper onli gua.. cause they record voice nia... tv i now try to reduce edi..oni watch de war of in laws and also news.. hahah... online ah...
see first lar...

mr. rusty said...

haha. i so totally pwn u in advance tic tac toe. lol! hehe work harder.. i have to seriously stop slacking and START working.. but when think of the unfinished assignments just make my mood go sour. seriously, if no assignments i can happily study away with no worries.. some more got psycho presentation.. sien only.

::purplegreenx:: said...

hah! its my first time. so cant blame me. hahaha. de game just now still not yet finish ok...
i wan to stop going online and just take out my books.
but then i have to online because i feel damn guilty and sked when i think of assignments. not much time left to pass up our assignments.
feel like everything is like so last minute...
i should get TV out my life too...
everyone is right. TV should go