Wednesday, 24 October 2007

stupid dog

neh neh neh... i got the culprit.
so this is the guy who tore diapers and mess around with all those rubbish.
when i went out this morning, he was looking through and eating rubbish in the middle of the road.
and then, he saw me.
and the smart dog pulled the rubbish to the side and let me through.
smart hor.
but eat rubbish wan.
ladies and gentleman, i present you..

This explains why the rubbish are always directly
in front of her house.

now i know!

stupid dog!
1. it eats rubbish *maybe the owner's fault. stupid give him roti canai sometimes. dog how to eat.
2. it barks at anything.
for example,
a. the dog freaks out by the sound and the 'speed' of a toy control car.
it barks like mad.
b. the dog is afraid of cats.
when the cat eats it food, it just bark. and keeps its distance from it.
c. i see the medium cat bully the dog but the dog is just too scared to fight back.
d. & many more other stupid reasons.
e. oh ya. sometimes, it barks at lizards and cockroaches too..
i think...

for heaven's sake. that stupid dog freaks out when it sees toy car.
i guess toy car is more scary than thunder?


first, its sending an astronaut.
now, its launching a submarine thing.
no comment...


On Monday's newspaper, it reported that the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was reported saying that smokers are like animals. *Click on the link to read the story*.

i personally think this is a rather harsh statement from a menteri besar.

he claims that smokers are like animals because
they do not use their brain. although they know that it is a bad habit, they still do it. therefore, they are like animals.

i would like to say something about what ever this menteri besar has said.

like, does this mean that...
for example lar...
you know that car releases some smoke that can damage the environment.
but then, you own a car. or maybe more than one.
does this make you an animal?
because you know that it can pollute the environment what.
and you still do it.

and and....
how about those factories?
i am sure that their owner knows that to produce whatever, they need to process it and like... produce it..
you see factories everywhere...
they release thick black smoke like 24/7..
so, are they animals too?
they are doing more damage to the environment than smokers..

smokers only harm themselves.
but those environment thing, its like EVERYONE is involved.

and not forgetting..
people who throws rubbish like everywhere..
they KNOW it is not the right thing to do.
but it is their mentality that someone else will pick up after them.
so, does this make them an ANIMAL?
they know it is WRONG what.. to throw rubbish...



went to college today.
planned to stay home but they were doing the recording today.
did nothing much.
i just finished my question part.
i feel my question and my answers are weird.
too bad..
the original questions tiff prepared for me is lost..
i gave the paper to someone on my presentation day and i forgot to get it back.
and now, i have to construct the questions myself based on the answers.
damn.. like no connection wan...
and sound so stupid..
but ..
whatever lar...
i can say today is just a waste of time and energy.
because when i came back, i had my lunch and i feel so tired.
its like being sick and the effect of taking cough syrup..
feeling a lil drowsy..
oh well, guess i have to rest a while before *ahem* study/do assignments.
hate assignments.
hate irresponsible lecturers.
hate them hate them hate them.
i so not coming back disted!
i cant finish!
i. studying
ii. assignments.
i have two essays to complete, and an IT programming project which we have no idea how to do it.
dont have the software..
the comps in gl is so crap..
cant run the program..
i should stop complaining.



gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

WAHliao ... wat a strange dog u neighbour hav...
eh u pandai complain le..haha..

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahha...stupid dog lai...
de owner also ... one of a kind de... u see lar.. people wan halau those gagak away hor...
she take food feed de gagak lei...
wu ying also she like...

eh..this post damn long lei

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

now onli u know its long ar..but quite interesting to read ur complain or a bit crap la...haha..jk la...
u got the potential...mmm....
WEIRD ppl with weird dog..memang sepadan..haha...

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahah.. i got too much to talk about ma. thats why so long ahhahaha

potential.. wakakkaka very potential to crap...

weird ppl with weird dog...
no comment bout that.. hahaha
she do alot weird things de lei...