Wednesday, 3 October 2007

what i saw

I see… thick HAZE & used DIAPERS!!!

First, I look out to the sea while I was driving on the bridge. I see nothing. NOTHING. It’s like a cloudy blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Then, I look to the left side. I expect to see some buildings or the long long corong asap from some factory. But I saw very very blur image of that. Please don’t tell me HAZE is back. No wonder the car is so dirty.

When I sampai rumah, eeew…. I was greeted with the sight of diapers…. Used diapers... can see some brown colour stain on them… eeew… all on the road… and beside my neighbour’s car… cottons everywhere… that’s so disgusting lor… masuk rumah and close the door…

I feel pointless attending psychology today. She asks us to do our own work because she wants to finish hers. I was sitting there for one whole hour doing god-knows-what… oh ya… trying to look for ideas for the essay and presentation she left us with… but then, half of the group members were not there this morning…

Shiet. I am worried about my ESL presentation. Very worried. Haven got a clue about what should I do. I am lucky I guess. She placed me at the very last day. The first day starts yesterday and I just knew yesterday that the list came out long ago already.

Now, I shall try and do my English presentation, psychology presentation and essay, psychology final report, think of an idea for the programming project and slap my self. Yesterday in IT class, someone remind me that whatever I am doing now is going to end in October 27th. Then the week after that would be my FINALS already. If you think SPM is so hard, this is even WORSE!

Oh ya. I saw the pink cement mixer again. PINK! Hello Kitty kinda of PINK. Cute…