Friday, 23 November 2007

not related:
im may be going back tonight.
if mum comes back early.
cant online anymore..
unless if anyone wants to go secret recipe or pizza hut with me..

not not related:
i slept at 4 something in the morning.
and my alarm..
i cant wake up...
didnt remember the alarm ring also..
cilaka betul..
i lost the 'battle' this morning cause i was sleeping and dreaming of bullets.
yes bullets.
i dream i was driving on the road in penang..
and then, in the end of the dream, i was driving somemore in sitiawan.
and then, i dream of bullets also.
maybe cause i watch mythbusters last night.
in my dream, i sketch and labeled parts of the bullet on a A4 paper..
thats what i remember lar..
then dad woke me up for lunch..
going out later and then maybe have to pack and go back..
wtf.. i only online like 2 hours today...
ish...not fair!!
have to finish my unfinished business..hahhaha...yeler tu..
omg.. im going to get my long lost cam again..
time to get lots of pictures again...

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