Monday, 26 November 2007

i wan to sue pizza hut!


Went to watch movie with cyn, tiff, and hazel. Mr. magorium’s wonder emporium. Nice show. Full of colours. And if you love toys, you should go and watch it. But I didn’t really enjoy the show. Because some bitch behind me keep spreading virus to me. Fuck. She cough like she’s dying and guess what?? She didn’t even bother to close her mouth. What the FUCK! Lu sakit sendiri sakit lar.. Like mother didn’t teach like that. And and.. There’s this kid.. Keep talking and walking behind me… There was once, like that kid, I feel like he’s screaming beside my ear. ( tambah garam) Wakakka. And according to tiff, she thinks that someone put his leg on the chair. What the fuck.

Ish. Cheap betul. Really like mother no teach.. Don’t they know it’s a public place? It’s a cinema. Not their house TV room.



I spend only RM8..


Came back (stw) at night.

What the fuck.

Mum say she’s not coming back.

I damn tak syok lor.

Cause I have some unexplainable reason.

Alright its explainable but it’ll be like my great great great grand mother’s story..

Fine. Suan la. Don’t want to come back don’t know how to say earlier.

Ish. Fan zhen I cannot online also that night.

So better come back la. Stay there is no use if I cannot online lor.

I kinda pack everything.

Hmm.. My ‘everything’ doesn’t seem much...


Sampai sitiawan is like 11.40pm..


Still can da bao supper..

My lu mien..


My dad can read my mind.


I was thinking of da bao-ing kam puan from the old shop in kg. koh.

But my dad went to da bao lu mien cause suen lu..


Hahhaha.. mau diet kononnyer…

Still eat supper pulak..

No eyes see…


Did nothing today..

Woke up like about 11.30am…


Then dad da bao kam puan from somewhere I don’t know.

Not bad.

But it look like mee goreng edi cause I woke up so late.


Then load the pictures to my comp..

Look at the 300 plus pictures..

Then grandma start looking all over again..

Then half way thru, dad came back, then look and talk with grandma.

Then ish..

After lunch…

Dad wanna see those pictures again cause he didn’t get to see the front part..

Ish…k k.. look finish edi…

My grandpa get to see it for the very first time fullscreen the pictures he took..

And grandma see it again with him… Ish… Then habis looking edi..I burn in cd.. And make a slideshow because my dad say it’ll be easier to look..Wtf… 300plus pictures…Use window movie maker..Ish…. Lucky my laptop didn’t hang…Weird..Everytime I use window movie maker.. Sure jam de…….

Nyek. After that watch tv.Damn boring. Tv also nothing to watch de…Sleep.. then dinner…….Then tv….Then write this crap……Haiz…….

One day lalu like that.I am so happy that I didn’t complain a single bit today.Hehehe.Abt the noise la duh!

Oh ya.

When I was packing my stuff last night, my mum say me taking like everything back..

And she says “why are you taking everything?? Next year you are going kl meh?”

And I was like.. *guilty,confused,whatever* “err…. No la.”

Stupid right?

I just can’t tell her I don’t wanna be in penang next year…..

Feel so harsh and kejam lei……


ok.. i went to pizza hut just now because they have tmnet hotspot there..
waste time nia.
i wanna sue pizza hut..
whtever reason also can...
end up here in secret recipe to online..

my grandparents were discussing about having internet connection at home because i came out for internet at night.
according to them, its dangerous to be taking my laptop out because the society is so u know what.

for the record, i haven been shouting or screaming to anyone or bout anything...
thats a record lor..
maybe cuse the detox thing.. make me so damn tired. chit!

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