Thursday, 6 December 2007

yo. finally got chance to online. cant online since i came back to stw.
came to the cc that day. no electric. chit.
lol. sleep and tv everyday.
i haven bang my head on the wall yet!

nothing to post.
too busy watching tv...
lol... as if..


mr. rusty said...

hey tze! come back to pg lar~ we have cakes!! hahaha.. ok when we go get result we go eat cakes & icecream k? lol

*p*u*r*p*l*e*g*r*e*e*n*x* said...

hahah.. sry.. not going back to penang edi... i aksed my paretns to get the reuslt for me.. kinda lazy to go back.. have to go back bu bus... eew.. i hate busses... hahhaa.....