Saturday, 26 July 2008

yesterday today

i woke up 4.30am on friday morning to do my economics,
then i went to coll and skipped esl,
then i have 2 hours break after that,
means i had 3 hours in the library in the morning...

was doing econs all the while,
stucked and over the limit,
thanks to yk who tries his best to cut down on my word count,
hahaha... chiong hei-ness
anyway, kylie's essay was like 100% over limit,
and we had like 30 mins to cut down on the words,
damn gan cheong le that time...

after successfully printng econs last minute,
i went to malay... matter what, i had to present today..

i was like reading and sound like reading to myself and i got 3.8 or 3.6/5...
*hate presentation..*

after class went to look for kylie at her ticket selling booth and got my donuts...
j co donuts weh..

then i went back..
shiet one lorrr..
lunch time, so de traffic kinda heavy..
reach home alrd like 1.36pm..

had a 3 donuts as breakfast, damn hungry weh...
then tried to sleep for a while,
mana tau, by the time i fall asleep,
its alrd time for me to wake up and have shower..

went out like 3.15pm...
and i was alrd late...
sorry yeah.....

thought wanna go watch movie in pyramid,
but damn de,
i forgot friday a lot ppl..
end up walking and walking and walking....

had lunch/dinner at kim gary and walk somemore,
then went to coll,
and i have no comment bout the concert,
ended bout 11.30pm,
went supper/dinner
reach home at 12am..

and i donno how,
i slept till 1.27pm this afternoon le...

then at 3 something, went to curve to see nicole david and ong beng hee play..
men's finals was a bit long...
and de score kinda near...

woman's finals was....
11-1, 11-4, 11-6
its de score if im not mistaken..
what the hell... nicole david beat natalie like so easy like that lei....

then went to paddington pancake to makan, then come back...

i stand there for like 2 hours to watch sqush with my injured leg..

all the while i was there, i wonder why the glass court wont just pecah berkecai..

**pics in the phone**

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