Monday, 24 November 2008

my chiong hei-ness, good luck reading, pssst im in love with gary's purple hair, & this is the longest title ever in the history of this blog

i cant get myself to write this damn post. been staring at this page since this afternoon and i just cant get this started. writing this means i'm going back tomorrow. =(
it also means i got no more chance to get online. altho i might get alot of chance to SLEEP. okay, i haven even pack my stuff. and being here for 11 months, i think there's more stuff than it's supposed to be. plus, i'm bringing home the 6 feet christmas tree for grandma(its a surprise) so my cute lil myvi has been transformed into something i call a "very ugly myvi". =.=

okay will not talk any crap, i shall talk bout past few days.

2008娛協獎(yu xie jiang)

Friday, 21st November
I started that day with Grand Opening. had 3 breakfast that day. as in THREE. TIga. first, i went breakfast with uncle at a dim sum shop. then after that went to sunway to get his car, but then the shop wasnt open yet, so we went to yum cha while waiting at a nearby mamak. then after that, i drop him at the workshop, then i went to find mun synn, who i ended up having third breakfast with. we went back to the same dim sum shop. hehehe

then i went back to online or sleep, i cant remember, while she went back to pia for her finals that afternoon. and then after she finish exam, i went to find her again and we went to pyramid. i had to do some last minute shopping before the trip on saturday. i got a pair of sneakers which i kinda regret. but its LAST MINUTE so...hmmmph

that night, i went back home and started to clean my room and pack my stuff realll fast cause i'l already late. supposed to go over to huey ping's place that night at about 10. and its like i reached home 8.45pm. hehehe

so i did finish early, and went over. some frens were over there playing cards and tv. i thought they were all her housemates. mana tau that night, she was alone cause the other two housemates went back. syok daoooooo....

the condo, got swimming pool view somemore, but got no leng chai view only =.=//

anyway, i couldnt sleep that night. went to bed at 1 something, but i woke up at 2.30am. hehehe.. went out to read magazine #1, then went back at 5am cause its raining and i sked!!. 10 minutes later, i went out again cause i really cant sleep. read magazine #2, then got nothing to do, so i waited for sunrise. till i feel asleep cause it was too boring liao.

Saturday, 22nd November
I woke up at 9 like that, then got ready, got downstairs to sit in a really canggih and nice Honda for 8 minutes, then went up. waited and waited, then started journey to Genting, =). btw, huey ping is the only person i know. the others were her friends, hehehe.

reach there edi hor, thought want to check it but there were some problems. they change procedure and the person who booked the room HAVE to be there to present his/her IC to check in wtf. okay, thts a prob. then when we were queuing up, to see that guy at counter 7 cause we were told to do so, wtf, suddenly there's this malay guy wearing customer service vest come and kick us out from the line. hello, we're being courteous and lining up u know. not go to counter 7 terus. we line up with those ppl who's checking OUT. that MALAY GUY, is such an idiot. i know he's trying to do his job. but then, there's a more polite way to say what he siad and a more gentle way to kick people out from the line and i thought customer service people are always polite to the guests. i was damn wrong. he not only kick us out the line we're queuing at, he also EMBARASS us. i saw those other people, old people especially, they give us THAT LOOK, as if we did something wrong wtf.

okay, then we came out the line cause HE DID NOT TRY TO UNDERSTAND US. the guy at counter 7 is NOT our friend, brother, father, boyfriend, or whatever he says.

then that guy confirmed that we supposed to see him cause there were problems with our check in process. so THAT MALAY GUY asked us to wait for our turn. which is so damn long. cause he pull-ed us out that DAMN queue.

finally, we got the keys, and it took like so damn long. but then, it would be longer if we were to check in the normal way. owh ya, in the process of waiting, THAT MALAY GUY, he was being RUDE again. wanted to get his name and complain, but hoh u know what?? no one knows him cause he's not working there. he's not even anyone from customer service wtf, he's only the BELL boy -.-"""

then we went to the room, lepak a while, and then go makan bout 3pm. makan habis liao, we went to see Leo Ku. and that lucky huey ping, she got his poster. my gosh i tot we stand so far at the back and he wont throw posters at our place, mana tau that huey ping got it. advantage of being tall. lolx... my legs got stepped like 3 times in the process, swt.

then, she went up to get his autograph and i was down there waiting. then then when i finallly got the promotional thingy for him to sign, wtf, they said only those with tickets and posters can sign. i think he also sign till hand tired thats why. walaoeh lucky i wasnt into him so i dun care whether i got his autograph or not.

then me and sze ying changed to gfc's tshirt and head to theme park. got the tickets and went in to book place for red carpet. it was around 4.30pm to 5. and the actual red carpet thingy starts at around 7. =.= should have tapao somethng to eat and sit instead of stand. in the end, was standing there so long that i cant tahan anymore and the actual thing inside stadium, i went to find palce to sit instead of screaming and shouting with the chawers. lolx.

at the red carpet, i was standing at second row so didnt get to shake hands with those artists =(
Vick came with peacock feathered hat, all white.
Gary still with his purple hair, came with Rynn and Nic.
others were pretty normal.
pssst... i love his purple hair.. my gosh... luv luv luv...

in the stadium, we got tickets for rock zone, which means standing. the place we stand was beside the stage and that big piano blocked part of our view. =(
so i kinda 'bei pan' them and went to find a place to sit. cant tahan liao la.

owh owh owh... GARY WON 10 or 11 awards that night !!!! i scream like siao poh at my place nia.. cause i was the only one screaming when he won. others were so quiet.. cei, should have saved my energy earlier and then stand with the fans.. more fun.

the whole thing was, errr... nice lo.. but cause we sit at the side so couldnt hear clearly waht they were saying or see clearly. should have go find a plce at the centre but then i sked kena halau. the whole award thing ended at bout 12 something or 1am. haven had dinner yet at that time, so huey ping, me and suk yee went to marrybrown. then back to the room, hoping the others were there cause we got no keysss ...

the ticket to entrance. more pictures can be found in facebook.
lazy upload here. no more time liao.
click here for day 1 in genting.
and here for day 2 in genting.
and also HERE for Leo Ku's promo.

Sunday, 23rd November
Me, Huey Ping, Suk Yee got a room and i got the whole bed to myself. Paiseh le.. then Chingy, Sze Ying, Wan Yuan and Jason got the first room. my gosh when we went to our room, its like 1 something, and the room next door, so noisy.. screaming and shouting. and we could hear them clearly. 3 something only we slept. and they were still awake. they even sang birthday song at the top of their voice hhmmmph...

woke up early. bathed and went out to jalan. and makan breakfast. mcd big breakfast at genting. hahaha. then after that, went to makan buffet again. my gosh, that table in front of us, they toooook sooooooo much food that it could feed me for one whole week. and its al kids on that table. then then, i saw, oneof their maids, before they left, one of their maids took a plate of oranges and out back to the original place. =.=""""

rich also no need waste food like that one.

after makan we went to jalan then i bought somethng that i dunno where isit now. hmmph...
then back to hotel room, lepak a while, go up to the other room, lepak a while more before we chao.

got back to condo quite fast, cause jason's driving quite fast and almost everyone were asleep. i was watching the clouds. =) owh ya owh ya before we left, we took grp pic, and i had the timer on, and and... the camera took pic and then, batery empty. walao, thats what one second difference can do. hmmph..


anyway, this is the end. hahahahhahahah

#1: if u manage to finish to read every word up there, congrats.
#2: wont be updating till i get internet connetion =(
#3: i need to stop procasinating and get my butt back to sitiawan. hmmmph

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