Sunday, 26 April 2009

my 'report' on 25thApr

i shall talk bout yesterday.

we have Study Skills exam at 10am, but i went early for whatever reason there is. i planned to study there before the exam starts, but u know me. when there is someone with a mouth and two ears, i will end up talking and chit chat-ing.

we were given bout 15 minutes to read the questions, then 2 hours to answer. the 15 minutes were cut short, cause everyone finish reading fast and was staring at wall/anyone else. then we start writing at about 10.15am *i assume*, then by 10.40am, i am almost towards the end of the paper already. *note that its a 2 hour paper*

then, at about 11.10am, i finished the whole thing. and i did waste some time day dreaming. *walao, imagine subjective question also need so short time to finish, mcq ma faster*

by that time, a lot people went out already. i peek at june. she's there. tries to peek at sue may. feels like she went out edi. then after 10 minutes of torturous thinking and a few times of checking my answers, i decided to leave as well. was actually waiting for june to leave first, but i might have to wait till the end of the paper. so i went out early too. bout 11.25am, i went out. and waited. outside.

then after everyone came out, we went out to wait for the shuttle bus to come. *want to save MYR on parking fee* then, get to enjoy the seats cause it was rather empty at that time. reached pyramid liao. we went to get the cakes, and went to gasoline to makan. birthday girl and yin fern went to gasoline to wait for us. guess its too obvious edi cause we took a lil too long. hahaha.

then after we had lunch, we took out the cakes *which june and gang asks the waiter to keep before going in to the dark cave* btw, gasoline was my idea. ^^ hehe. i didnt know it before, but they have alot of gary's song ^^. good song makes the food taste better too. *not to say the food is bad or anything, depends on what u order, but mostly its good*

the cakes. from zen.
l-r(upper row) : green tea, blueberry, marshmallow
l-r (lower row) : green square cake, nut square cake, mini mud cake

those "beasts" attacking the small pitiful cake.
he he.


LyNn said...

haha june almost wanted to wait till the whole paper ends :P
but june got too bored of the quiet environment!
eh somehow i think zen cake not nice

żħї~qїňg said...

haha i wanted to wait for the paper to end too.. just for fun, but then i got bored.. and so many ppl went out edi and they're enjoying the freedom outside.. so i went out too.. hehehehhehehehehe.. before i went out, i think the examiner alrd know that i wanted to go out.. then she waited near my table...ehhehe then i re-check my answer and waited for her to go as far as possible..then i went out ehhehehhehehehhe

LyNn said...

haha same la.
she keep standing near me.
like wanna halau me?

wah ppl finish d cannot stay inside geh meh?
lol but i cant stand the quiet environment anymore.
outside can chit chat :P

żħї~qїňg said...

hahaha ya lo... cause she know somehow we will go out early..lazy to walk or smtg..