Friday, 24 April 2009

MJ warehouse sale

i, could not resist the temptation, so i went.

to metrojaya warehouse sale i went.
despite having an exam tomorrow.
and i haven't studied.

how could i resist the temptation?
when i go to college, i see the banner.
discounts up to 70% it writes.
when i leave college, i see the banners too.
(yeah, they even put some banners outside sun-u)

the location,
its so near my house.
the discounts,
it's so high.

how could i resist this?

i felt guilty.*not really*
but still i went.

i drove to Shah Alam Stadium.
i felt weird cause there are all guys there.
i thought to myself, guys also come to metrojaya sale?
but i was wrong. i was at the wrong place. they were there for football.
then i saw someone walking to her car. a nice person.
i asked her where is metrojaya sale.
she says she's looking for it too.
then we stopped someone else, a guy.
he says this is not Stadium Melawati.
so we asked for directions and went.
i followed the nice person's car. she went the wrong way, to the aquatic instead.
so after that, i lead the way. *i assume so, cause she wasn't exactly following me*
and i feel stupid. cause its just beside the first stadium we went.
but we drove one whole big round to find out that it's just beside.
side by side.

ha ha... laugh la...

walaoeh, so many people there already.
and today is just friday.
come on, don't they have to work or something?

kay kay, i went there with one AIM.
to get shoes. sandals. sneakers.
whatever, as long as its something i wear on my feet.

but choices are limited.
i walked round and round and round with the big shopping bag they provided.

well, there's 40% on crocs.
80% on some bags.

so, i have nothing to buy. but i was determined to buy something. cause its weird to see such big price reduction and not getting anything.

i ended up with....

1. Revlon ColorSilk, medium golden brown [RM10]
2. The Spiderwick Chronicles [Rm12]
3. Bee Movie [RM 10]
4. Revlon Glossylicious [RM 3]
5. Silky Girl nail polish, white [RM 3]
6. Revlon Lip Gloss, some skin colour [RM 10]
total spent = RM 48

at first, when i was choosing vcds, i took alot of disney movies, like mulan, and those. and also i took spongebob. then i put it back cause i know im gonna spend in another area.

when i came back and type this, only i realise i bought mostly from Revlon.
and most of the things i bought is from the cosmetics area.
have to queue to get in.
and it's the place i would avoid at any cost before.

ps: someone, anyone, please smack me and ask me go study. cause im not listening to me. sigh.


LyNn said...

ooi. go study.
aiyo why didnt bring me go warehouse sale.
revlon samo.

żħї~qїňg said...

i think hor. the cosmetics there. veryy cheap. u'll go crazy dere.. heheh.. thats why i dun wan bring u go.. =.=
the sale till this sunday

LyNn said...

owh. thats why you dont want bring me go samo.
haha what other brands are there?

żħї~qїňg said...

errr loreal, silkygirl, errr. some expensive brand i cannot remember the name... can bring u there tml if u want...

LyNn said...

haha then how i come back wor :(
eh study la!

żħї~qїňg said...

err. didnt think of that hehehhe...
im still on the same page since this morning.... T.T wan cry liao