Wednesday, 25 November 2009

No Motivation worrr

dengan semangat yg berkobar-kobar, i woke up at 6.53am this morning so that i can reach school like, 8am? was kinda alone there for about one hour before the seniors came in... xD

so the plan today was to stay till night and finish that boring subject once and forall... but, i didnt managed to. went to lunch at 1 plus, feel like dying... some sort like gastric-like pain... so i decide to come home at 2pm. well, good also, at least i can do some laundry today. i stop studying totally when i come home. put those clothes to washing machine, come back online till the battery die, and then i fell asleep till, 6.30pm.. i'm so damn tired, i dont know why...

God, please, I need to pass my subjects this time round.

"EVerything seems so different this semester you know"

I wont be free tml somemore, got date with ko-ne.. heheheh.. The first date, we went to watch MJ: This is It.Tomorrow, we gonna watch New Moon xD
just the two of us heheheh...

so, tml garenti gonna be a super long day lorh... like, from 8am - 10pm at least? well, i HOPE i can actually wake up ok.. heheheheh

Project Step Update:

  • one packet soya bean milk
  • one whole packet fish muruku (the white one) for breakfast.. damn 'healthy' right?
  • one whole packet of pisang goreng masin :(
  • Cheese Ommelette Rice
  • Rice with Veg Curry
  • Shine Yogurt drink
  • Soya bean 
i think that's all. 

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