Friday, 27 November 2009

I watched New Moon!!!

Exam starts in 3 days, I'm not well prepared yet. In fact, I'm far from being prepared. But still, I found time to go and watch NEW MOON!!

Hehehe, New Moon opened today, 26th Nov. :D

It all began when Rach asked me on Monday whether I wanted to watch New Moon with her. I didnt really think that she was serious, being exam period and all, but then, she really meant it. Booked the ticket online as soon as they open the thing. :D

I just spent the last 17 hours in Uni, talking and watching New Moon. I'm so friggin tired right now.

Ok, bout New Moon...
The audience were the noisy bunch of people. Like, when Edward first appear, almost all the girls went "Awwwwwwww...." and when Jacob appear, they went "WAHHHHHH"... When they see Jacob topless, they went "Wooooo, WAhhhhhh, Awwwwww...." There were a few loud "Wooo Wahh" moments throughout the whole movie.

All in all, the movie is wayy better than what i expected. Like, seriously, I thought it would be sucky, but it wasnt. In fact, it was really really nice. Trust me. Go watch and you will know. Of course there were some parts in the book that they cut out.. and also, you know lah, Malaysian cinemas, kissing scene also cut out. Like, for me, I feel that's the only turn off for the movie. Watch one whole complete movie also cannot. Kiss only mah, like that also need to cut. SWEAT!

I feel so tempted to write the whole storyline out, but spoilers are so "potong stim". So, all I can say is, New Moon is quite a nice movie...



Project Step

  • Hotdog Bun 
  • Soya Bean Packet
  • Rice with chicken, Veg, Toufu
  • Tau Fu Fah with Black Sugar
  • 3 Siu Mai
  • 1 Chicken  Siew Pao
  • 1 Pork Siew Pao
  • 6inch Subway Turkey Ham and Turkey Breast
I think that's all. Ate that Subway at 6.30pm, now is 2.27am, and I'm HUNGRY!! 


LyNn said...

sakai la
i wanna watchhh
you tempt me :(

żħї~qїňg said...

go watch la lol...
relaxation before exam
... since u alrd study SOOOOOOOOO much

LIZ; said...

awwww man.
i wanna watch also
but tak ada masa lagi :/

żħї~qїňg said...

why tak de masa?
hmmm... it'll be up for at least two weeks heheheh