Monday, 4 January 2010

The Past Decade

Hello people! (heheheh, sound like a lot people read my blog like that)

Here comes my decade post kekeke. A bit later than usual, but who cares.
The points are in no particular order :D

2000 :: 11

  • Std 5 Biru
  • My memory failed me.

2001 :: 12

  • Std 6 Biru
  • UPSR, the first big major exam!
  • Had one of the best-est class teacher xD
  • Obtained Straight A for the first and the last time of my schooling life

2002 ::13

  • Form 1A9
  • First day of my secondary school life, I was wrongly placed in 1A4 (placing was based on the UPSR result). I remember thinking, well, maybe they know I can't study, so they place me here. On the first week of school, have to angkat meja all the way to the first class of the form. Walking from one end of the corridor to the other end. Damn embarrassing ok.
  • First and last time being in the first class of the whole form. WOW.
  • I love my seat at the back of the class, can day dream. xD
  • Got to know Huey Ping and Evelyn.
  • Had one of the best principals ever.
  • Had longer hair than i have ever had. I WILL NEVER EVER HAVE SHORT HAIR IN MY LIFE! NO-WAY!
  • My first IMYF camp in Pangkor.

2003 :: 14

  • Form 2A3 (They somehow change the first class to 1 and not 9, so now I'm in the 3rd class of the form)
  • The ICQ era
  • Social circle become wider, thanks to ICQ. But what's on the net remains on the net.
  • Became librarian because I hated wearing pinnafore. Yes, just because of the uniform.
  • Second IMYF camp in Penang.

2004 :: 15

  • Form 3A3
  • One of the happy-er years of the decade.
  • Are friends with Maggie, Ai Lian, Chui San, Su Mei, Ida Tan, Sing Hwei
  • Share the same bday with Sing Hwei, got a surprise birthday for both of us. Thank you very muchie xD
  • Went to my first Education Fair in Penang, if I'm not mistaken. And of course, we went just to shop with friends he he.
  • Got my first and last <>letter of the decade
  • Found a good friend and lost it cause i was too selfish
  • I met Vick Teo in Ipoh. He's like my biggest obsession at that time ok. Hahaha

2005 :: 16

  • Form 4Sc4
  • The Craziest Year of the decade
  • Countless toilet visits in school
  • Skipping classes, roaming around the school
  • Learn how to ride a motor, illegally.
  • Fake the MC slip and went home.
  • Walked home from school with Ying on the 'borrowed' motor.
  • Went to watch band competition in Ipoh
  • Ate 6 Panadols in 8 hours. (Kids, never try this at all!!) Was really lucky i didnt die.
  • Hated Sejarah with my heart and soul. Protested EVERYTHING the teacher said in class.
  • Went Aussie for family trip.
  • Attended District Interact Conference in Nilai, Seremban.
  • Third and last MYF camp in Camerons.

2006 :: 17

  • Form 5Sc5
  • I hated Add Math. And still do xD
  • Elected as the Head of girl guides. I can say the worst president in the history of girl guides. (It's because there's no one else and I'm stuck. I hate myself for not having courage to say No)
  • My obsession with Gary Chaw started here...<>

2007 :: 18

  • Moved to Penang for studies.
  • The Second Worst Year of the decade
  • Hate Hate Hate. Hate that everything didnt go as I planned.
  • Hate that I have to continue with my studies less than 1 month after i finish SPM.
  • Hate that I have to wake up 6am every morning.
  • Hate that I have to go through the jams. Penang Bridge in the morning... OMGosh...
  • Hate that the roads in Penang are so narrow
  • Hate the lecturer, Miss L. She taught me TWO subs ok.
  • Hate the college.
  • Hate accounts.
  • Hate econs.
  • Eventually, didnt get thru the final exam.
  • Got my first laptop
  • But I got to know nice people also lah... Tiffy, Cyn, Eevon, Jolyn, WenXin, YenYen, etc...
  • First Concert i ever attended. Lin Yu Zhong at KLCC

2008 :: 19

  • Moved to Subang for studies.
  • The Worst Year of the decade
  • Meet the Selfish, the Ignorant, the Arrogant, the Bitch, the Slut, the I-am-rich-so-i-am-right, the Hey-you're-famous-i'll-tag-along, the I-look-down-on-everyone-but-myself, the Oh-so-pretty-but-they're-not-even-close, the I-set-the-rules-here, the I-dont-like-you-and-you're-doomed, the pengampu, the I-want-you-to-do-something-for-me-so-im-being-nice-to-you.... all these kind of people, at one time. five days a week, throughout the year.
  • There's still some nice people dun worry, such as Sim, Kylie, & Ikmal :D
  • I was chucked into Legals class because the other class are full.
  • Didn't think i could pass, but Mr. Zokhri made it possible.
  • Gary Chaw first concert in Bukit Jalil!!
  • Took taxi for the first time
  • Got into first major accident in my life (i wasnt driving, and its because of uneven road and rain)
  • Got my first car
  • Fell down in college and almost sprain my ankle.
  • Went to Genting with IMU-ians for PWH Award. Saw Gary with my own two eyes!!!

2009 :: 20

  • Learned music theory from Grade 1.
  • Learned Violin for 1 month. Waste money nia.
  • I am now a degree student
  • Got addicted to Facebook
  • Passed my first semester
  • Went to PAWs and got lost going there
  • Saw Amber Chia while conducting experiment in Pyramid
  • Had 3 birthday meal, 1 cake.
  • Failed two papers from second semester.
  • I now turn to Korea for hotties... and i dont even catch up with chinese songs anymore...
  • Tried to cross-stitch, tedious thing to do
  • Watched New Moon on the very first day
  • Got my first blog award (hehehe let me syok sendiri a whille can or not?)
  • Had a first row seat for Transformers, watched it on the first day (my birthday mah, so die die also want to watch that day)
  • Applied for PTPTN and got rejected for some stupid reason
  • Had SIX injections in one year.
  • watched countless movies in class
  • Survived e-buddy for a few months
  • Did a poster. by myself. for assignment.
  • Drove back and forth KL-Sitiawan alone, a bit too frequently
  • Made two videos, posted one of them

This is all that i could think of for now....

When I looked back, I see myself as childish and immature for writing those things that I wrote.
I realise, at that time of writing, we are overwhelmed by emotions and we have the thinking that I am the one who is right. Especially for teenagers. I thought the world belonged to me.
It's good to know that I see those, err, stupid things i wrote because this proves that I have grown up. heheheh. A bit also better than none mah.. heheheh


yuanzhou said...

Yup, any progress is always better than none. I feel silly when I look back at what I wrote too. This is a very nice recap of your decade :) The words DO piece themselves together... XD

żħї~qїňg said...

thats because we grow up hhaha... its kinda funny to see what u write/wrote(my english grammar fail one) back then...

when i look at those things i write.. i couldnt believe i wrote them and i could believe it came from me.. hahahah..

Emel - LayChuyDing said...

great memory of u man....hahahaha...i doubt i can remember wat i've done in some of the "kurun" years...

żħї~qїňg said...

hahahha significant events mah.. sure can rmbr lah.. hahah been remembering all these for the past 10years .. now i write edi then can forget edi kekek.... craping..

LyNn said...

damn sad lor
my name not significant a?
dont have one
*syok sendiri*

żħї~qїňg said...

hhaha 2009 very long edi.. dun need anymore significant points kekekeke...

LyNn said...

sure significant la 2009
got me ma :P

żħї~qїňg said...

heheheheh lets create a longer list for 2010


delayed melaka trip *hint hint*

LyNn said...

ok ok
i know where we can borrow gps btw ;)

żħї~qїňg said...


LyNn said...

sis bf
haha saw her using it that day

żħї~qїňg said...

o.O ic

MunSynn said...

saw so many hates in 07 xD

żħї~qїňg said...

haha transition year mah..